Top 20 Nursing Blogs

Nurses are the backbone of the American medical profession, the purveyors of long days and nights on their feet to take care of sick and often hurting patients. They study hard to earn a nursing degree and rarely get recognized for their service, so we want to give them a little bit of airtime.

Nurses blog frequently, surprisingly! If you were to do a simple search for nurse blogs online, you would find many, undoubtedly. There’s no need for that, however, because we’ve put together the best of the web here, in easy list format!

Top 20 Nursing Blogs

  • Nurse Ratched’s Place – A smart, funny, and popular blog by a long-time nurse.
  • Code Blog – Experiences of a 12-year experienced nurse, with some cool interviews and fun stories along the way.
  • Barb’s Daily Dose – An informative and real blog about the nursing profession and your health.
  • On Your Meds – Straight talk about medication safety. That’s what the title says, and that’s what this blog brings.
  • about a nurse – The author writes small blogs and thoughts about her nursing profession and her foray into more education.
  • At Your Cervix – The life and work of a registered nurse (RN) in the labor and delivery unit. And she’s funny.
  • Rehab RN – A nurse in England who shares interesting (and usually light-hearted) links and articles.
  • GuitarGirlRN – GuitarGirlRN is fresh, funny, insightful, and honest. She holds no punches and keeps your attention.
  • Blissful Entropy – An ER nurse who is also a married mother of 5.
  • Crass Polination – Who knew nurses were so funny? Nurse K, the author, writes incredibly insightful and witty blogs about things she sees in her everyday.
  • CrzeGrl, Flight Nurse – Emily, the blogger, has interesting insights into the exciting world of a flight nurse. Her stories never cease to astound us!
  • Tales of an Emergency Room Nurse – A rant blog that exposes the not-so-glamorous side of the nursing profession.
  • A Forensic Nurse’s Weblog – A scientifically-sound and real depiction of the medical field, from the perspective of a Forensic Nurse.
  • Health Care Renewal – A blog focused on the technological advances in healthcare leadership.
  • The Health Care Blog – A well-established blog about all things healthcare.
  • Kevin MD – Kevin MD writes insightful and nuanced questions and posts about his job in the medical field.
  • Impacted Nurse – “No fluff | No guff | No duff” is the subtitle of this blog. The author writes in an authentic fashion and offers practical advice.
  • Pixel RN – A former nurse who is now a full-time mother, but she still offers great advice from her days as a nurse. It’s also her personal blog.
  • NP Place – A professional look at the nurse practitionar profession, where she discusses interesting ethical and personal dilemmas.
  • You Can’t Fix Stupid – “Fictional” accounts of life in the ER. Some entertaining tails and lots of wisdom!

Enjoy and leave a comment!

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